In memory of my baby boy

I want to share a secret with you, that I have carried close to my heart for the past eleven years.

Eleven years ago, I experienced a miscarriage and lost my baby boy.

I was in an unpleasant relationship and the stress was too much for both us.

After losing Mark anthony, I hid this and kept him safe, but now I want to share my baby boy and my experience with the world.

My baby boy would be eleven if he was here today, and I would say he would be just as cheeky as his big brother Tony.

I won’t go into all the details, however it was a sad and broken relationship. And in a way there is a relief that my baby boy didn’t have to go through the horrible start his big sister did.

I was reminded today that life is a blessing and should be appreciated, because back then I was having a hard time letting my baby boy go, and dealing with a stressful relationship, I just wanted to crawl into a hole and let the world pass by. Only now do I realise that he is not gone he will be in my heart forever.

However, I want to share this little part of my life, because it shows one of the lifes obstacles that I’ve had to endure by myself, and this has given me more courage to live and enjoy life knowing, this is what my baby boy would want his mum to do.

So I thank my friend for singing his song, and reminding me to live!

Never give up! Because you will find true love and a happy ever after, I did.


I trust you’re enjoying my articles, don’t be shy! Ask me, Leave a comment, you never know where it may lead.

And don’t forget, to share, share, share!!!

Cheers, Terri.


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