When it hurts too much

Falling for someone can be a special time, they take your breath away.

Your heart beats faster everytime you hear the phone and you’re on a high.

The romantic text messages, the late nights chatting and getting to know each other.

However, when there’s a slip up, you start to wonder who is this person, is he real.

Your heart suddenly sinks to an all time low.

How could someone be so cruel to play with someone’s emotions and lead them on.

Why, go to such an extreme only to break a person’s heart.

There is no getting away from the hurt.

It will take a miracle to recover, but we do, we all do somehow, we find our way back.

It’s painful now, yes but tomorrow is a new day and a new beginning.

Why should the hurt have the satisfaction of putting an all time low on the rest one’s life.

There is true love out there, and it takes a real honest person to present it.

Never give up, because the hurt doesn’t win in the end.


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