To Mother With Love

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Dear Mother,

Fifty years ago today, you brought me into this world, and even though it’s been almost two years since you passed. I remember you as if you were here yesterday.

Even though I lost you for those ten years or so, as you were kept from me. I never gave up thinking of you, however the sadness did have it’s moments.

Until that day! The message came, ‘ Your mum’s in hospital and you have 24 hours to get there if you want to see her’ I felt numb! The text message was cold and startling. What was I to do? I was so far away from you! How could I possibly get there in time to see you before took your last breath.

I drummed up all my courage, and my thoughts became clearer. Yes, I am so far away but I must try!! I returned home from a day’s errands, explained to my family what had occurred. I dropped off the groceries, quickly packed a bag and kissed everyone goodbye, then off I went.

I drove all night to be at your side. Calling the nurses till the early hours of the morning to be sure I wasn’t to late. As I drove, I thought to myself, ‘I must get there and tell you how sorry I am, that wasn’t there for you, and how sorry I am that I couldn’t stop my brother from interfering and taking control, but no matter I made it and I’m here now’.

As I sat with you that early Saturday morning, you smiled at me and said Hello! You knew who I was, for that brief moment you knew I came for you. I stayed by your side, but only to step away to stretch the legs and refresh my coffee.

Before I knew it, the sun is starting to rise!

‘Oh look Mum!, it’s Sunday, Fathers Day! We made it, you can rest now’. It was a long night and I’m so tired after driving eleven hours to be by your side, I must stretch my legs, as I looked back at you, you looked up at me, and I knew it was time. Time for us to say GoodBye! But I’m not saddened by this, Oh no!, because I know you will soon be joining my Father. And I truly couldn’t have asked for a better gift, than my Mother to join my Father on Father’s Day.

So! Dear Mother, I will never forget the lessons you taught me all those years we shared.

  • You taught me to be kind and humble, and to leave things as they are. ‘Hence, if it ain’t broken. Don’t fix it’
  • You taught me how to cook my first poached egg, and even though it was somewhat under cooked, you still smiled.
  • You taught me that no matter what people say about me, I am who I am and that is the important thing.
  • You taught me how to sew and mend, so when I ripped a hole I can mend it swiftly.
  • You taught me how to feed a family on as little as possible and still fill their bellies.
  • You taught me to enjoy the simple things in life, and not bother with the frivolous things that really have no meaning.

Dear Mother, I wish you could see me today! I’m fifty and still I wish you were here to share in my journey. I have achieved so many things, you taught me so many valuable lessons, but the most important lesson you taught me, ‘Is never give up’You may not be with me in the present, but you will always be in my heart. 

‘Dear Mother, Thank You for bringing me into this world fifty years ago’

And Thank you!, for taking the time to read my journey with my Mother, and I hope this will one day help someone , that is going through their own loss and challenges.

‘Never Give Up’

I’d love to hear your experiences, and how you handled your Grief. Sharing experience can help someone else that is going through a similar experience.


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Cheers, Terri.


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