Every Families Nightmare

I’ve been asked to share this story with you!

This is a true story of a young man, with special needs, and this is his story in the hope that it will save a child’s life.

Raising kids can sometimes be a challenge, and sometimes doing your best isn’t enough to keep them safe and out of harms way.

For most parents the reason their children are placed in a dangerous situation is sometimes out of their control.

This was the case for one particular family, the family was faced with the biggest fear of all, ‘losing a child’.

The family had no idea what was going on, and the young man in question was of the age of 18 years or so, and had been diagnosed with Intellectual disabilities.

The mother of the young man whom we will call Bob, was totally in the dark as to what her son was experiencing, he seemed fine in every way. However! Bob, had become involved in chat rooms on the mobile phone.

Yes, today the mobile phone is one of the biggest social interaction networks available, and the most dangerous.

After an interview with Bob and his family, Bob said he was given a mobile phone so he could stay in contact with home when he went on outings,.

What his mother didn’t realize was that Bob had learned how to log into the internet and chat rooms and was being lured away from home with the belief that his family was no good for him and the person on the other end could give him a better life.

Late one evening Bob, said goodnight to his family, but instead of going to bed he proceeded to walk out of town, this was a brave thing for Bob to do as the family lived out in a Rural remote part of the country and this would been extremely dangerous at the best of climates, due to King Brown snakes etc.

Bob’s mother had gone to check on him around 1am in the morning before turning in to bed herself, to find he wasn’t in his room and his bed hadn’t been slept in this was not like him to go of wandering.

Bob’s mother started to worry now, and woke the rest of the family so she could go looking for him, she drove around town calling for him, however there was no answer.

After several hours she had called the police, however she said they were know help at all. They told her he’s a big boy and he’ll come home when he’s hungry.

Three days had gone by and Bob’s mother was now in a state of panic, and regardless of the Bob’s disabilities, the police still wouldn’t help find him because Bob was over eighteen. To be honest I would be terrified if I was in this mothers shoes.

By now Bob’s mother was trying everything, even going into the chat room and talking to the girls that were involved, this was no help at all as they refused to help.

What Bob’s mother didn’t know at the time was Bob had been lured away and had been found in the Bankstown NSW police station six days later.

Bob had been sitting for several hours before a constable approached him and asked him his name and where he was from.

By now the Bankstown police were able to contact Bob’s mother and make arrangements to drop Bob off at the mother’s sister’s place in Liverpool NSW.

Bob’s mother had experienced the one thing that most parents fear. The loss of a child, the not knowing where or what had happened.

Bob’s mother made arrangements to go and pick up her son and bring him home safe, just as Bob’s mother was taking Bob home, they heard on the news that a young girl had been lured to her death by the same means as Bob.

‘Bob is one very lucky young man, to still be alive’

There is a lesson to be learned by this story.

Adults and children of any age are not always safe on the internet or in these mobile phone chat rooms.

They can be traps to lure them to their death, leaving their families desperate for answers and the possibility of having their loved one’s returned home safely.

For the families safety, all names have been withheld, only the story is revealed to help others become more aware of what goes on in the cyber world and to save a child from a tragic fate.

This is what Bob thought about his ordeal,

Bob said, ‘I was very scared and I wishes that all Mum’s and Dad’s don’t give their kids mobile phones’

I have it on good authority that Bob doesn’t go very far from home without his family by his side.

Have you or anyone you know experienced anything similar, I’d love to hear about it.


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