Future Student Worries

Prospective students of today worry more about the Debt, rather than which subject they will choose. If you’re lucky you can land yourself a scholarship, however don’t snooze on the job get yourself out there and ask questions before you get left standing in the paddock all alone.

Scholarships come from many sources, you just have to tap into the right one that is suitable for you at the time.

For many students leaving high school can be overwhelming and in some cases very frightening, the decision to go on and further their education is not an option, however for some, they seek out much cheaper alternatives such as free to low cost courses through TAFE or online resources.


Choosing a TAFE course does have it’s benefits, and it can also have it’s down falls. Not every course chosen from TAFE is acknowledged as a suitable level of education to obtain particular employment, and the decision to over commit yourself at the time can leave you more stressed and worrying about the debt.

This may also be the case for free online courses, especially those from International areas, as these international courses may not acknowledged as a suitable requirement by your country or state that you reside.

It is important that you ask all the right questions before signing up for any course, and it is good to have some idea of what kind of job you want to apply for after you have done the course or training.

Having knowledge about the course, like

  • How long the course runs?
  • How much does the course cost?
  • ‘What job prospects, you will gain from the particular course you have chosen?
  • Will there be Apprenticeships available: before, during or after the course?

These are just a few simple questions that can give you an idea of what you should ask when you’re considering any course.

The more questions you can think of before commencing any course, can narrow down the disappointment, and give you a direction to focus on, and enjoy the course without the worry and stress of a debt.


I trust you’re enjoying my articles, don’t be shy! Ask me, Leave a comment, you never know where it may lead.

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Cheers, Terri.


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