Broken Hearts

When was the last time you had a broken heart?

The idea of being in a relationship, is on the minds of many however to be frank it can be the most frustrating thing you have to deal with.

We all want the perfect partner and yes, you do get clouded by the need to be loved that you overlook the floors that you have, and this unfortunately does rise it’s head at some point.

The reality is, that no one is perfect and yes many make errors in judgement

In today’s society with the blushing models and gym stars we find it impossible to focus and things become depressing when we have to try so hard to impress the opposite gender, and in many cases this can often lead to anxiety, depression, overeating , and simply be overcome and then compensate for feelings of being rejected, embarrassed and sometimes bullied and ridiculed.

This doe not have to be the case

Before getting to know another person you first need to know yourself. You never fully know the other person, that you wish to be in a relationship with and this can cause many issues, especially if there are children involved.

Low self esteem, anxiety, depression can lead to many issues raising it’s head, and can cause more damage to a relationship and no one wants to be unhappy.

Broaden your horizons and explore why you are wired differently

To be in an everlasting relationship you first need to learn about yourself and what makes you tick, this can sometimes take many years for some and not so long for others.

Knowing what you want out of life and having a direction that can be helpful to setting goals and achieving a life full of abundance, then everything else falls into place as a by product of your learning and hard work, but this is not something you can do once and forget about. You must continue to work at it everyday.

Once you understand yourself, it’s then ok to then seek a partner and start to learn more about them, taking care that you don’t over commit yourself straightaway and ending up in difficult situation, is very important because at this point it can be very damaging to your self esteem and dignity.

In my early days, I chose unsuitable partners and ended up in stressful situations that dragged out for years, this was a challenge for me because there were children involved. However in my later years I grew and became stronger for it, and these days I work at building on my skills and spending time with my family while I help others find their way.

I’m not saying to become a stronger person, go out and get in a stressful relationship. That’s not a good idea.

However what I’m saying is learn who you are and what your about,  and become a stronger person and find yourself.

Become a better person and Learn- Do- Teach!!

Cast your doubts aside, and do whatever you put your mind too, use your talents to help others around you that are going through stressful times no matter what they are.

You will be surprised at how gratifying helping others can be. Simply making yourself available to help others can build strength within a community and you don’t have give the shirt off your back, just offering a little of your time is worth more than money can buy.

Hope you can tune in to my blog, we’re  working on some pretty exciting projects that we wish to share with you.

And remember, no idea, is a silly idea!

If you’ve got a great idea and you think you want to make something of it, then shoot me a message.

‘If it’s worth thinking, it’s worth writing’

Let’s brainstorm



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Cheers, Terri.


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