Copyright © Provided by Terri Ann Baxter Educating The Future
Copyright © Provided by Terri Ann Baxter Educating The Future


So you’re wondering about success?

Ok, let me give you a hint. You won’t have success, if you’re lounging about and waiting for it to fall into your lap.

Success is just a word! It’s the beginning of hard work and endless hours to achieve the end result of the idea you created in your own mind.

Sometimes this can be done by yourself or with others as a team, not many can work by themselves to achieve the greater goal, but some do.

It’s not impossible to get to the top, however it is does take a lot of commitment from you.

Let me give you an example; Years ago I decided I wanted to be the best at whatever I chose to commit my time to, and this meant that I had to apply myself to courses to broaden my thoughts and ideas.

However this fell way lay, as time went on and I became a mother of 5, I found that somewhere along the path I had lost myself and something inside me was screaming to get out. I struggled with the idea of having a family and what I really wanted to do in my life, don’t get me wrong I love my family and my time with them and that will never change.

However, now they have grown up, even though still at home and the youngest being that of twelve, I can see a future for me, I can see endless opportunities ahead of me.

Over the years I had taken up the odd course here and there, just to keep the brain ticking and stay up to date with today’s economy, and I’m glad I did because this gave me the edge I needed.

A few years ago I came across an online marketing company that showed me ways to use the skills that I acquired over the previous years to do something I love doing, and I am grateful for the time spent getting to know other like minded people and learning new skills.

Stick with me!

Ok, let’s get back to it. So now I have the added bonus of Online Marketing to add to my skills. This is a crazy world to embark on, if you know anything about the Cyber world it’s fast and crazy. It can be the rise or downfall of any business.

This online company taught me so many things, and ways that I can set up my own Online business and build on it in ways that even I never thought possible.

These day’s I’m helping others create their dream, I mean anything is possible if you have the connections and knowledge to put them together.

So here it is, a contentment for the achievements and success for what I set out to do, and my online business is showing positive growth everyday.

So why not be happy about that 🙂

You see me as a country mum loving her kids and animals, but I can honestly tell you that I devote a lot of commitment and time to get the best out of a day and still leave time for me.

Ok, I may have rambled a little but hey, if it’s worth thinking it, it’s worth writing right?

Hey and don’t forget, if you’ve got an idea I’d love hear it, whether it’s a silly one or not. Let’s brainstorm and see where it ends up.

‘Do something today, that your future self, will thank you for’


I trust you’re enjoying my articles, don’t be shy! Ask me, Leave a comment, you never know where it may lead.

And don’t forget, to share, share, share!!!

Cheers, Terri.


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