Sir Henry Parkes

A statue of Sir Henry Parkes stands in the District of Parkes NSW Australia.

Born in 1815 and Died 1896, he led a fruitful life in Warwickshire, England, as a farmer on Stoneleigh Abbey Estate, and his wife Martha, née Faulconbridge.

The family was forced off their farm in 1823 by times of hardship, the Parkes family relocated to Glamorganshire and about 1825 settled in Birmingham.

Henry’s degree of education was, ‘limited and flawed’; briefly he attended Stoneleigh parish school and later went on to join the Birmingham Mechanics’ Institute.

As a child he felt obligated to help in support the family, he worked on  roads as a labourer and  also in a brickpit as many others in …………………. Read more on Sir Henry Parkes


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