Sir John Philip Baxter Science Engineer

Sir John Philip Baxter Science Engineer


What an amazing couple of weeks we’ve had!

First it was catching up with family and friends in Muswellbrook and then down to Hay NSW Australia.

A place I had not been before, was an exciting trip.

I discovered a family member J.P Baxter (1905- 1989) he had 8 children and had been a big part of Hay.

He was born in England and moved to Australia later on.

Last night I decided to do some research on him and his journey was amazing.

He was involved in top secret missions for the government and also inventing bleach and bi carb, the list is endless.

To learn he was a science engineer and that he also ran as a candidate member, was exciting.

When he moved to Australia in 1949 he accepted the chairmanship of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission in 1957- 1972.

This is making sense to me, as I ran for local council.

I also learned he was known as Sir John Philip Baxter.

This explains how I come to have a pedigree and a family crest and motto.

I can’t wait to learn more about this man and more about my family history.

During my search I found recordings that I was able to download and save.

I felt shaky when I listened to them and yet excited to find such gift.

I listened and read with anticipation of what was to come next.

I plan to touch base with an historian in the new year so I can build on my journey.

I’ve now learned that there are family members living right here where I live.

So my journey begins.


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Cheers, Terri.


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