Australian Author Came To Town

The day an Australian Author Kim Kelly, came to my home town, to launch and give talk on her latest book. “Jewel Sea”

It was Saturday 3rd December when Kim had come to my home town, it was hot and everyone was very focused on Kim as she told her story how she became intrigued by “The Black Pearl” the product base of her book.

I found Kim Kelly to be an interesting and fascinating Author and I was especially taken by the turnout of people that came out of the comfort of their homes to see Kim, who was also accompanied by her husband.

Kim went on to tell us about her recent book and about the characters the book is based on, I particularly found Kim to be a petite and polite person and even though she spoke of past history events, I found that kim had delicately placed each event as it occurred.

Kim’s fascination with “The Black Pearl and the curse that it carried” was to my curiosity and hearing how Kim had come to the many conclusions that ended up in this book truly has me still wondering about all those people on the boat.

Now! I’m not going to give it all away, you will have to get a copy of her book to see how the story goes.

But I have to say that if Kim Kelly is in your neighbourhood be sure to take the kids along, you never know they might surprise you.

On this particular day I took my eldest son Tony and youngest daughter Miss Nikita-Maree, and I was in total amazement! Because as we sat there listening to Kim, I actually thought my son would be up the back dozing off in a quiet corner, but no he was well in tune with Kim as she gave her talk and introduced her book.

To my surprise my son had stepped up and started asking Kim Kelly, questions about her book and her skills as a writer and I was even more surprised when my little Miss Nikita-Maree 11yrs old had also been encouraged by her big brother to step up and ask Kim, the question that had been on everyone’s lips, ” Do you think you will ever make a movie out of your book?” I am to this day so proud of them both I could shout it from the roof tops.

But the highlight of my day was, when we got to meet an author personally and have our picture taken with Kim Kelly Australian Author.


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